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Moodle Student Import Template

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Moodle Student Import Template
by Kelly Mader - Thursday, 25 July 2013, 12:54 PM

Moodle Student Import Template

Need students uploaded to Moodle?  Use the attached Moodle Student Import Template to send the required information along to MVECA.  All information is required to create accounts for students, with the exception of Course1, Course2 and Course3.  These fields are to be used if you would like a student to be automatically enrolled in your course.  These fields will hold the Course Short Name that was assigned to your course during course creation.

I recommend using the Student ID number as the username and password for all newly created accounts.  This will help ensure that the username is not already taken by another student.  If your district doesn't assign student email addresses, I typically create them as

If you have questions about this template, please email me at .